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I’ve received the two headsets including a black one with pink star and a pink one with black star. I bought them as presents for my friend and i’m very pleased with them. Below are the photos took by me. I am a photographer, so maybe they look like cg pictures, but in fact they’re real real photos. I like these headsets, so i will do my best to take photos, too, please don’t doubt me. By the way, i’m a chinese so i use english here but maybe not so fluent, please understand it.




  • what’s its
  • 写真の通りの商品でした!
  • 不良品


特徴 mix-style NEKOMIMI HEADPHONES star-PK [ピンク]

  • モデル番号を入力してください
  • MIX−STYLEから萌え系ヘッドフォン登場。
  • かわいさをプラスしながらしっかり強度も音質もキープしています。
  • W210×H230×D50mm
  • ※φ3.5mmステレオミニプラグ対応
  • ※コード長さ 120cm

ベスト mix-style NEKOMIMI HEADPHONES star-PK [ピンク] レビュー

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