handcandy ネックレス – 南国を感じさせるデザイン

When i pick up the earphone the ear piece is fine, i could only say that function. However, the mic control, the button is too hard for you to press, moreover, when you press on the button(i do know that is a single press, not hold it) it call siri right away, i try serve time, that can play the music like the usual earphone, by luck. So i could only say that is a defect item. I dont know the quality from this brand, this is the first time i buy thing from this brand. But they cant do a simple task of a iphone earphone which it should have,please , i cant say no morewaste my time and the expectation, period.






  • 大人らしく♪おしゃれに。
  • お気に入りです。
  • 南国を感じさせるデザイン


特徴 ネックレス+イヤホン handcandy Lady Buds イヤホンネックレス The BETTY HF001NP

  • モデル番号を入力してください
  • 3.5mmのオーディオポート対応(iPhone iPad iPod MP3プレイヤーなど)

ベスト ネックレス+イヤホン handcandy Lady Buds イヤホンネックレス The BETTY HF001NP 買い取り

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